Theatre Pedagogy


Theatre Pedagogy

Acting Training and Theatre Pedagogy

Pepe Galera has uncountable experiences in acting training and theatre pedagogy.

He has run courses for professionals, for secondary, gifted and, university students as well as for women in women centres. During all these years, he has specialised in workshops for people with disabilities, socially excluded people or at risk of exclusion, applying the techniques of performing arts to reach therapeutic aims, for disinhibition, as a means to develop social skills and to improve cognitive, emotional, expressive and physical skills.

Some of these workshops were developed to the extent of leading to creating and staging sketches and full plays.

Acting and Theatre Training

  • Assistant in Educating and Rising Awareness for development. 2014-2021.
  • Teacher in the workshop of Therapeutic Theatre and Health-Art. NonGovernment -organisation Jesus Abandonado Foundation. 2013-2021.
  • Erasmus + Project theatre director. Floridablanca High School. 2018-2019.
  • Teatro MÁS theatre Company director. 2016-2019.
  • Therapeutic theatre teacher. La Caixa Social Outreach Project. La obra Social La Caixa. 2017.
  • Auxilia Association for the physically disable theatre workshop teacher. 2013-2018 y 2020-2021.
  • Therapeutic theatre teacher at the Association of Families of Mentally Ill people (AFES). 2015-2016.
  • Teacher of the Seminar of Disinhibition to Speak in Public. Floridablanca High School 2012-2015.
  • Floridablanca High School Theatre workshop teacher. 2012-2015.
  • Teacher of the Dramatization and Corporal Expression. Redes Programme. Youth Council of the city of Murcia, 2013
  • Coordinator and teacher of the Seminar: Introduction to Theatrical Activity: Parts I and II. UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia), 2012.
  • Teacher of the Seminar: Interpreting and Corporal Expression. Floridablanca High School 2011-2012.
  • Director of the theatre workshop in the Woman Centre of Aljucer, Murcia 2088- 2009.
  • Teacher in the workshop Theatre with Disabilities in the Astrapace association (Association for the treatment of brain palsy and related illnesses). Murcia 2009.

Creations stemming from Workshops

Lisístrata. Aristófanes. 2009

La comedia sin título. Federico García Lorca. 2012.

Sensaciones. Self-created play. 2013.

Es lo que hay. Self-created play. 2014.

Confesiones. Creación colectiva. 2015.

Tú Si-Tú No. Self-created play. 2015.

Los Figurantes. Sanchís Sinisterra. 2015.

1,2,3,4…AMOR. Collective creation. 2016.

El árbol de la vida. Self-created play. 2016.

Supérate. Collective creation. 2016.

Postales para un Niño. Collective creation. 2017.

Memoria. Self-created play. 2017.

Imperfectamente Perfectos. Collective creation. 2018.

Antes de venir, piénselo. Assistant director of the end of degree of the School of Performing Arts of Murcia. 2021.